How To Enter Into Miss India Contest?

How to enter into Miss India contest? If you are looking to find answer to that questions – you are at right place. Miss India of Femina Miss India contest is the prestigious and official beauty pagent for whole India. The winners of the Miss India pagent are nominated for participation in Miss Universe, Miss World and Miss Asia Pacific contests.

To enter in Femina Miss India contest the first thing is that you should be an Indian. This is the contest only for female Indians and not for the Non Indians. Okay we don’t want to breake your heart if you want to participate in this contest. But how can you participate in Miss India if are not an Indian. We have the solution for Non Resident Indians – they can migrate to India and become an indian citizen. Then you can go for it, but we want to remind you that you may still face many problems. To get selected for Miss India is not easy for NRIs – and practically, the main reasons are – Language, Colour and Looks. Once again we want to tell you that that you will struggle alot so try and participate in beauty pagent of the country you are in.

For those beauties who are in India here are some finer points:

Eligibility criteria for Pantaloons Femina Miss India

1. You are a citizen of India.
2. You are between 18-23 years of age as on 31st December 2009. (Be prepared to furnish proof of age. A valid passport, birth certificate, school leaving certificate or driver’s license will do).
3. You must not be married, pregnant or a parent.
4. You or your immediate family is not related to any person employed by the Organisers or Sponsors (a detailed list is given below the form, under Terms and Conditions).
5. You are a natural-born female and not had a sex change.
6. You are not under any commercial contract with any modeling agency at the time of appearing for the auditions.
7. Once you are shortlisted, you cannot be a part of any other commercial contract or pageant.
8. You have never participated before and won a title in this pageant in any year.
9. Remember, discipline and diligence are required to follow the pageant schedule.

The process of selecting Miss India

Miss India organisers conduct year round activities leading to selection of Miss India. In addition to the pan India national contest, they will be conducting walk-ins and auditions in 13 cities to scout for the right talent.

The talent will be selected from following:

1. Walk-ins in across 13 Cities
Walk-ins in across 13 Cities (Lucknow, Agra, Indore, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Bhubaneshwar, Guwahati, Pune, Nasik, Ahmedabad, Goa, Jaipur and Shimla) will be conducted.

At the end of the walk in for each city the selected girls, who will further compete at the regional rounds will be unveiled to the media. They would sign a letter of intent confirming their participation and also be given a welcome kit with guidelines on how to prepare for the pageant.

2. Call for Entries
The call for entries takes place through advertisements in all media panning from outdoor, television, print, radio, Internet, as well as direct mailers and tie-ups with places where the youth usually gather. The potential candidates who have missed the auditons can apply though call for entries.

3. Femina Miss India South
Femina Miss India South is to promote talent participation from south India. The process of tFemina Miss India South will be similar to the national level pageant where they will hold regional round in Hyderabad; conduct a 10-day residential programme to groom the girls, which will culminate in the Grand Finale. The winner would get a direct entry into the Top 10 of the Pantaloons Femina Miss India Pageant.

4. Femina Miss India East
Femina Miss India East is similar to Femina Miss India South but was started just 2 years back. They focus on cities like Kolkata, Patna, Bhubaneshwar and Guwahati. The process of this pageant will be similar to the national level pageant where we will hold regional rounds in Kolkata; conduct a 10-day residential programme to groom the girls, which will culminate in a Grand Finale. The winner would get a direct entry into the Top 10 of the Pantaloons Femina Miss India pageant.

5. Training Programme
The training programme will be a residential programme preferably conducted wherein the contestants shall go through different kinds of sessions conducted by a panel of experts for overall beauty and personality grooming during the course of their stay. In the days leading to the final pageant, training sessions will be interspersed with a lot of outdoor activities entailing fun activities, PR activities, sub pageants, guest lectures, and more!

6. Finally the Miss India will be selected in Femina Miss India – Final Pageant. The final event is hosted amidst much fan-fare and hype. It is an event, which is niche in content, but mass in appeal.

How to apply:

The potential participants can apply online or walk in on the desired date as per the PFMI schedule for their city. Read mode about Applying to “Pantaloons Femina Miss India” at or check the “Schedule of Pantaloons femina Miss India” .

Lovely Phuket Beaches

Thailand is one of the world’s most famous holiday destinations that offer many amazing tourist attractions to the travelers coming from all parts of the world. Phuket is one of the most attractive islands of this country that offers optional tours such as island trips, adventure tours, sea sport activities and ground tours excursions etc on your holiday. It is a great holiday island with amazing beaches, clean blue waters and great hospitality to leave you spell bound on your journey. The two Similan island islands and Phi phi islands have come up as paradise of sea lovers, these 2 islands are the best for snorkeling tours and diving trips. Phuket tourism understand the interest of sightseeing lovers and seeking for exploring real Thai natural, than there are numerous options for your vacation.
Phuket tour attracts millions of visitors each year in search of superb diving, shopping and spectacular experiences, vibrant night life, modern shopping and spectacular sceneries. With the extensive experiences and skills Phuket tourism has always bring professional travel solutions and the highest standards of service and advice for the travelers. They act as a travel friend by giving warm services and welcomes them with the most reliable, trustable and understandable views to their customers. They offer all inclusive travel packages with finest travel deals, packages, tours and trips to suit your needs. They even enable you to customize your package as per your requirement and need. On your Phuket tour you can come across Phang Nga Bay, Old Phuket town, Bangla road nightlife, Simon Cabaret Show, Wat Chalong and Phuket temples, Big Buddha, Thai Boxing(Muay Thai), Phuket Vegetarian festivals and other events, Phuket View points, Phuket Fanta sea show etc. the best part about Phuket is that there is always something to do on and off the island is whether raining or shinning. You can also indulge into snorkeling tour, safari tour, adventure tour, romantic tour, jungle trekking, city and sightseeing tours, night life entertainment, multicultural etc.
Whether you are looking for a luxury vacation or a budget travel packages Phuket tourism offers you everything as per your budget. So if you are planning for a trip to Phuket than opt for Phuket tours as they promise to offer you a perfect stay in this beautiful island. These tours assure you that you that you have a perfect stay with all comforts without burning holes to your pocket.

Private Air Travel on a Manageable Budget

When most people hear the phrase, private air travel, the usual image that comes to mind is a jet-setting movie star or CEO, reclining in a leather sofa bed on his Gulfstream Jet 30,000 feet in the air. However, in reality there are tens of thousands of aircrafts available for rental throughout the United States on any given day. In this article, we will touch on three different ways that organizations and individuals manage to utilize private air travel without having to be a multi-millionaire.
Hourly Rental
There are many aviation companies as well as private owners who offer their aircraft for private rental. Unlike chartering a jet, a private aircraft rental does not come with a pilot, and certainly not any scantily clad stewardesses. Typically the types of plane rental options that come by the hour involve aircrafts such as a Cessna Skyhawk or a Piper Arrow, both of which qualify as small aircrafts
Not just anybody off the street can go rent a plane though. Qualification requirements include a valid pilot’s license, a valid flight physical (medical check-up), and proof of renters insurance. Additionally, many plane owners require proof of coverage under a non-owned liability insurance policy to protect against the unlikely but very dangerous scenario of an accident.
Aircraft Leasing
For larger aircraft, there are several leasing options that are typically available. The first is known as ACMI, which stands for Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance, and Insurance. Under an ACMI lease, the lessor provides the aircraft, a complete paid crew, and aircraft maintenance and insurance. The lessee has pay for all fuel, landing, handling, parking, and storage fees, as well as visa and duty fees and luggage/passenger insurance as applicable. ACMI lease lengths are usually shorter in length, as the lessee typically guarantees a minimum number of flying hours per month, and is charged accordingly whether or not they use them all. Sometimes an ACMI lease is also known as a wet or damp lease, but the exact differences between each term can vary from country to country.
A dry lease is a lease of a basic airplane without crew, insurance, maintenance or otherwise. The lessee is typically required to register the aircraft in their name, and the length of term is much longer lasting a minimum of two years and sometimes as many as seven or longer. Dry leases are typically used by leasing companies and banks.
Fractional Ownership
The concept of airplane fractional ownership is based around the idea of several owners splitting the purchase price of an airplane, and then paying an additional fee to a third party to handle scheduling, maintenance, and other incidentals. Often times, disputes can arise between owners who both want access to usage of the plane during the same dates, or when the plane is grounded during a requested time due to maintenance issues. Given the higher cost of owning a plane, even on a fractional basis, it is difficult for many of those involved with fractional ownership arrangements to accept that their aircraft is not always immediately available.
So in summary, while private flying will probably never be as readily accessible as commercial flights, you don’t necessarily have to go platinum on your next album or throw four touchdowns in the SuperBowl to gain access to it. Through a growing number of leasing, rental, and fractional ownership programs, more and more Americans are flying private every year.

Chaise Lounge Cushions – Add Comfort To Your Home

Your house is your regenerating place. It keeps your own peace of mind right after a lengthy day at work by the comfort and ease and also leisure it provides. Purchase chaise lounge cushions and finish your own rest which will certainly add leisure to your own area. The overall flexibility of the product provides all the factors to invest in it. Put it in your outdoor patio, family area or perhaps in your master bedroom. The design gives style to the area, providing it a new appear each time. Here are a few of the reasons why you should acquire them.

Very Long lasting

With the climbing cost of everything, you’ve to ensure that the stuff you purchase with your hard-earned cash is really worth each and every cent. One qualifying criterion for this is definitely its durability. The chaise lounge cushions last for several years. With the ultraviolet light and weather resistant materials, you are going to undoubtedly get pleasure from your money’s worth for a longer time. Further proper care for the material is quite crucial, to add much more years in the life span of the chaise lounge cushions. The us dollars you are going to invest in will be worth every penny.


The chaise lounge cushions are incredibly trendy pieces that you could add to the home decoration. You can match the item with your current home theme, by simply dressing it up with various other fabrics. Take advantage of the overall flexibility of the cushion and select from the diverse patterns as well as shades. Simply just stop by your retailers’ shops and you’ll definitely discover an excellent deal of total satisfaction from their current versions.

Easily affordable

Considering the durability as well as the luxury you get, the affordability of the chaise lounge cushions is extremely good. To get yourself a far better deal from the merchant, check out these during off-season product sales and you can enjoy large discounts. You’ll be able to additionally buy in large quantities and present them as gifts to your family members as well as close friends. With the functionality of the chaise lounge cushions, they’ll definitely appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Budget Hotels in Rameswaram

Rameswaram is a popular pilgrimage destination in South India and attracts thousands of devotees every day. You can easily find many quality economy hotels in Rameswaram that provide all major facilities. Read on to find out about some of the top rated budget hotels in Rameswaram.
The holy town of Rameswaram in south India is considered to be one of the Char Dhams. The town is situated on the Pamban Island in Tamil Nadu and is famous for its Ramanathaswamy Temple dedicated to lord Shiva. The temple’s legend is closely intertwined with the great Hindu epic Ramayana. Legends say that Lord Rama built his bridge of floating stones from Rameswaram to save his wife Sita from the demon Ravana. After slaying Ravana, Sri Rama installed a Shivlinga to expiate the sin of killing a Brahmin (Ravana). The temple is known for its beautiful architecture and its massive Corridor of Thousand Pillars. You should also visit many other famous temples like the Five-faced Hanuman Temple, Agnitheertham, Gandamadana Parvatham and Sugreevar Temple. You must also visit Dhanushgodi to view the majestic Arabian Sea meeting the Bay of Bengal.
As Rameswaram is a bustling pilgrimage centre, you can easily find many quality budget hotels in Rameswaram. A good budget hotel provides all major facilities at affordable prices. These hotel always strive to provide superior services at reasonable rates and they can be afforded by a large majority of travelers. Almost all the quality economy hotels in Rameswaram provide clean rooms and good locations.
Top Rated Economy Hotels in Rameswaram
Hotel Hare Rama Hare Krishna is one of the most popular budget hotels in Rameswaram located close to the main temple. The hotel enjoys almost 76% customer recommendation which means 8 out of 10 people will make this hotel their first choice. The hotel’s location close to the temple is its major draw. Previous guests have also appreciated the hotels service, facilities and especially the co-operative front desk. The hotels provides air conditioned and non air conditioned rooms with all major facilities including some extra facilities like travel desk, laundry and generator backup. The rooms are considered to be cost effective and rates start from Rs.700.
Hotel Vinayaga is another popular budget hotels in Rameswaram that enjoys almost 90% customer recommendation. It implies that 9 out of 10 guests would like to stay at this hotel again. This statement proves the hotels ability to provide better facilities and superior services. The hotel’s location, close to the main temple, also contributes to its popularity. The hotel provides full air conditioned rooms with all major facilities. The hotel also provides multi cuisine restaurant, internet facility, travel desk, car parking space. The only drawback could be the food quality and car parking that is at owner’s risk. The rooms are considered cost effective and rates start from Rs.1200.

Discount Cheap Airline Tickets

Find trace to enter the globe of easy and cheap ticketing, and strike a chord you of status in queues for a journey and make you be anxious your money off in them too. The times period have distorted for the better and at the moment all you have to do to make that delusion trip a authenticity, is to follow on to a travel site. The whole thing will be managed by the elegant managers and your expenses will be concentrated to a great level.

Your trip begins in your console region, from somewhere you can access these sites and book cheap airline tickets. Not simply your airline tickets, but the hotel accommodations and itinerant are also taken good quality care of. These take a trip sites bring to you on one salver all likely discounts and offers that a choice of airlines have to offer. With all the options multiply in front of you, you can make a choice the one which suits your supplies the best.

Cheap discount airline tickets be converted into yet a different reason for you to take a shatter. If opinion about elevated expenses have been scaring you and convincing you to impediment that much required trip; it is time to say so long to pleasure. Make a simple assignment easier and choose nothing less than the preeminent.

A broad range of airlines are all locate to hold you to your preferred objective at the much loved time, and when existence offers discount airline as a bonus; uncertainties are to be kept at bay! Easier to get hold of, luminosity on the concise and with an important measure of pleasurable is what these tour sites offer. Knowledge shares the journey into the world of smart direct mail. These sites will provide important information about the weather conditions, places to be visited and currency which makes your trip all the more easier and pleasurable.

The time that you keep in the booking of airline tickets can in turn be second-hand to plan the trip in advance to make things useful! Step into the magnificent world of fun and leap and keep the difficulty on your pocket as light as possible. With more options to choose from, and amidst the profound competition between a choices of airlines; the only one to benefit will be the travelers. So, choose the right way and make your trip a smart issue by your cheap discounted airline tickets.

Choices of airlines offer a standard flyer program which includes more discounts; more information about such offers can be gathered in a tick and it also makes option up the very greatest much easier. No material how near or distant the destination be, at least the price that you have to compensate for the tickets is low and gives you an option to invest it all in better fun packed ventures.

Gift your loved ones that great vacation and trip to elegant way by alternative up the safer and cheaper choice. With a large range of promise for you to desire from, the only work you have to do is to sit reverse, and prefer the top at your vacation. Avail the remuneration of discounted cheap airline tickets and fly elevated!

Duffy boat is ideal way to tour Balboa Island

Real estate may have appreciated over the past several years, but probably nowhere did it increase in value more than Southern California’s Balboa Island. A bay front lot here sold for just after the turn of the century — now it will bring as much as million.

And that’s only for the lot. Building that dream residence on the island will cost extra.

Fortunately, one doesn’t have to actually live on Balboa Island to enjoy its unique atmosphere. Today the island is a fascinating day trip for those who are living or vacationing in and around Los Angeles. The island is located in Newport Beach where accommodations, restaurants and shopping are all top-drawer.

The island itself has a tiny, but busy Main Street actually it’s called Marine Avenue which is just a few short blocks with about 70 shops and restaurants to explore. This little example of Small Town Americana offers a wide selection of shops in all price ranges as well as several boutiques and galleries. The visitors who browse this street are a combination of couples and families with an unusually high percentage of style mavens which is what you expect in Newport Beach and other nearby beach communities where expensive clothes and fancy cars are just part of the lifestyle.

The downtown shopping area is just part of the attraction on Balboa Island, an island small enough that you can walk entirely around its perimeter in less than two miles. It’s fun to observe life on an island that remains exclusive because it is so expensive. There is no denying that the ever-present sunshine and the harbor views create a quiet respite from bustling city life and clogged freeways. As you miight suspect, the island is full of colorful villas and vacation homes, and everyone’s yard is picture-perfect. It’s a patriotic little place, too American flags are posted on several homes and along Marina Avenue.

But given the real estate prices, it’s also interesting to observe that people will pay so much money for so little space. The island at times seems a little congested with homes built so close to each other that a good-size Balboa yard really is just slightly larger than a shuffleboard court. Most residents have to park one or more cars on the street and it’s common to see the locals abandon cars altogether by using golf carts to take their trips to the downtown market.

Nevertheless, the island is a great escape for a morning or afternoon, and will flood the senses with spectacular harbor views, incredible sunsets and a feeling like you’re visiting the California version of Martha’s Vineyard. Adding to the flavor is the little ferry that hauls just a few cars at a time from the island over to the Balboa Fun Zone area of the Balboa peninsula. Balboa is connected to the mainland by bridge on the west, but the tiny ferry gets you out on the water for just pocket change.

Of course another way to get out on the water and get a different look at Balboa Island water is to rent a Duffy boat for a couple of hours. Duffy boats actually are made in Newport Beach and are perfect for a group of people to go out cruising in comfort with little operational expense. We rented a 21-foot boat which, surprisingly, could accommodate 10 adults and featured plush seatting and plenty of table tops for drinks or snacks. On this hot day, it was a relief that the boat was entirely covered — but there are plenty of open areas to gaze at the scenery. It had a Sirius satellite radio — a great option for us because we enjoyed listening to classical music as we gently cruised in and around the Newport Beach harbor.

Visitors with little or no boating experience needn’t worry like our Duffy attendant told us at the dock: “This will be like driving a golf cart.” The convenient forward/reverse throttle made it easy to go just the right speed for docking or any other maneuvers that might be necessary out on the calm waters of the harbor. The electric engine is quiet, smooth and gives you just enough power to cruise through the harbor at the maximum legal speed. Since the boats don’t leave the harbor, the electric motor is more than adequate.

When we pushed away from the dock, our Duffy opened up a whole new panorama that offered picture-postcard harbor views in every direction. As we made our way down the channel we observed the “best of the best” Balboa homes the ones that were out on the water, often with 60 or 80-foot luxury yachts moored at their own private docks. It was like an episode of “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.” Which moguls or movie stars owned these spectacular villas? Which big-time CEO’s were lounging on their decks watching us put-put by in our Duffy?

Then up the channel a little further we came across a man settled into a floating lounge chair that had drifted far out into the channel where he was intently staring at the fishing line he had dangling in the blue harbor waters. Next it was a regatta of sorts a few tiny sailboats with a couple of kids in each boat, apparently learning how to sail. Then came the parade of pleasure craft, five or six boats each headed out to sea and none of them less than 60 feet long.

Those heads in the water up ahead turned out to be a family of sea lions, playfully cruising through the harbor with no regard to the speed limit. And then we were dodging the island ferry although both we and the ferry were going so slow that there was plenty of time to contemplate our next move. We just got off the throttle, watched the ferry conclude its crossing and then went about our way further along the channel.

After a couple of hours it was time to return our boat to the dock where the attendant was on hand to grab our boat as we glided effortlessly into the reception area. The experience had given us a new look at Balboa Island, and a fun afternoon on the water.

Balboa Island is part of Newport Beach, and this affluent beach community includes a long list of natural and man-made visitor attractions. The beach is a big draw, of course, and once you’re out on the Balboa Peninsula there are miles of wide beaches as well as visitor attractions such as the Balboa Fun Zone amusement park. Nearby Crystal Cove Beach offers great tide pools and is excellent for beach walking, hiking and biking.

The Upper Newport Bay Ecological Reserve is Southern California’s largest estuary nearly three-and-a-half miles long and a half-mile wide. With 752 acres altogether, there are thousands of birds including many rare species — that are found in these habitats.

If you are serious about shopping, Fashion Island is one of two shopping icons in Orange County the other being South Coast Plaza, just a short drive from Newport Beach. You can window shop on Via Oporto, a tree-lined cobblestone street in Lido Marina Village. And there are galleries, unique shops and waterfront cafes in Cannery Village.

There are also some interesting museums in Newport Beach. The Orange County Museum of Art has a changing schedule of exhibitions that feature California’s rich artistic heritage and contemporary art. While you’re out there, you’ll go by a paddlewheel riverboat that is docked and open to the public as the Newport Harbor Hautical Museum.


WHERE: Balboa Island is part of Newport Beach, located in Orange County just south of Los Angeles.

WHAT: With its colorful architecture both contemporary and Cape Cod Balboa Island feels like the “Martha’s Vineyard” of California, albeit on a much smaller scale. It’s the perfect place to enjoy nautical scenery, sunshine and see “how the other half lives.”

WHEN: Any time of year.

WHY: Balboa Island is charming, easy to reach and is bordered by many other visitor attractions. Several major hotels are in the area, and some island villas are available for rent by contacting local real estate firms.

HOW: For more information on Balboa Island, visit For more information on renting a Duffy boat, call (949) 645-6812 or visit All rentals are 21-foot boats and hold up to 10 adults comfortably.

Plein Air Painting: A Beginner’s Guide

What is plein air painting?

Plein air painting simply means painting outdoors. It’s derived from the French term en plein air, meaning ‘in the open air’. Plein air paintings are usually landscapes or snapshots of real life. The practice of painting outdoors has been popular for several centuries. Many artists regularly paint outdoors and find it a very enjoyable way of painting.

When did it start?

Painting outdoors became especially popular in the mid-19th century with the Impressionists and the Barbizon school. Artists would head outdoors and paint scenes from real life, whether it was a scenic landscape or a painting of people going about their everyday routine. The practice grew in popularity thanks to the development of paints in tubes and portable field easels, which made it much easier for artists to have all their equipment on-site. Plein air painting has been very popular with French Impressionists, American Impressionists and a host of Russian painters, as well as many others.

What about all my supplies?

If you can, have two different sets of art supplies, one for in the studio and one for plein air painting that you take with you on the go. Try to use an oil that dries quickly – transporting wet canvases can be quite a problem so make sure you know how you’re going to get your canvas home. It’s great if you have enough room in your car to put your canvas down flat. A French easel is ideal for plein air painting because it’s portable and you can store your painting in it.

What about the weather?

One thing you have to bear in mind is the sun. As the day progresses, shadows will change throughout the course of the day. If you want to you can work on one canvas in the morning then a different one in the afternoon, each one showing the same place at different times of the day. Either way you should focus on the main shapes of the painting first, then add details like shadows in later. Impressionists would study how light and the weather both affect scenes at different times of the day. Plein air paintings are known for their brilliant, glistening lights.

What if people ask me what I’m doing?

If you’re painting outdoors, you should be prepared to have people ask you what you’re doing. Even if you’re in a very remote place, there’s always the chance that a passer-by could see you working and have some questions. If you’re up to speaking to people, by all means engage in conversation and answer their questions – you never know, you could get a few sales this way! If you just want to get on with your work, politely let them know you want to crack on. Most people will just want to have a look at what you’re doing and should understand that you want to concentrate on your work.

Why should I do it?

Plein air painting can be very enjoyable and rewarding. Finding a place to paint, whether it’s close to where you live or further away, can be fun and adventurous. A great part of the experience is scouting about to find a great place to paint. Another great part is surrounding yourself with the sights, sounds and smells of nature and capturing all of them in your painting. There are loads of scenic landscapes all over the place just waiting to be painted.

Chicago Weekend Getaways on a Budget

Chicago is one of the most popular destinations for a weekend getaway. With a bustling shopping district, fantastic sport and a lively theater scene it makes for a very active and exciting weekend in on of America’s most unique cities. Chicago was once architectural marvel of the USA with steel and glass transforming the city into one of the very first skyscraper towns. This rich architectural history is still evident everywhere and many fine hotels can now be found In some of these old steel frame buildings.
Chicago is not cheap. With so many fine hotels, the focus is more on quality and the majority of budget hotels can be found on the outskirts and at the airport. This is less than ideal for a weekend away and if you want to be close to all the excitement that Chicago has to offer, then you need to find a hotel near the city center.
The good news is that many of the hotels in and around The Loop cater predominantly for business travelers – a market that’s very quiet over weekend. This means that you can often find great hotels at very good prices.
Another great way to save is by looking at package deals. If you are going to Chicago for a sporting event, then there are often sporting packages that combines a 2 night hotel with your tickets. The same goes for theater events and many hotels regularly run promotions that can offer great savings.
For family getaways you should look into discount rates for family bookings. Weekend rates can often come at great discount in package deals with access passes to the Aquarium, the zoo and many of the great sights and activities that the city offers to kids and families. Some hotels like the are even pet friendly if you can’t leave your pet at home.
The best way to find a great weekend getaway is to look online. Of course, you can always find great flight deals that are combined with a 2 night stay but it varies greatly depending on where you are flying from.
Looking for great Chicago hotel packages? Visit my site at for more tips and advice.

The Essential Guide To Blue Nose Pitbull Care

So you have a handsome blue nose pitbullwhat can you do to properly care for them? Blue pitbulls as you may have already discovered, are wonderful family pets to have. They are social, loving and a happy breed that are well worth the time, effort and money spent on them. As responsible pet owners, we need to know what to do to ensure that they receive the best possible life we can offer them. Here are excellent blue nose pitbull care tips you can use for your dog today.

You need to maintain regular veterinary check-ups with your dog. This will make certain than any onset of canine disease is thwarted in the earlier stages. Pitbull terriers are generally healthy dogs that are not prone to many canine sicknesses, however take the necessary precautions and maintain their best health by making certain they get their yearly vaccinations and you use natural and healthy products on them.

Provide high-quality food in his daily meals. It is recommended that a pitbull’s diet consist of a lot of meat. Include a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits in his diet that are rich in vitamins and nutrients. Every dog needs to have a strong immune system so that they are able to resist parasites and other bacterial infections that are so common in a dog’s life. Make sure he gets enough fat and protein as necessary for this active animal.

Some people mistakenly assume that pitbulls are aggressive dogs and turn on their owners for no reason at all. This is completely false. Pitbulls have an image of dominance and aggressiveness because they do not get along well with other dogs, but they are great with people. However, overly dominant pitbulls behave the way they do because they are not properly trained in socialization. Make it a priority to train your pit to be comfortable with people and other animals as early as possible. Bring him to public places and allow him to play with strangers with you around.

Blue pitbulls are very lively animals. Take them out for exercise at least 30 minutes each day. It will do wonders in using up all that pent-up energy that can potentially be destructive to things when left without an outlet. When you bring him outdoors, always keep him on a leash to avoid any unfavorable confrontations with other dogs.

Use natural ingredients on your pitbulls. They are generally low maintenance animals but be sure to keep them well-groomed at all times. A bath once or twice a month or unless otherwise needed should be sufficient. They do not shed as much as other breeds but comb their hair daily with the appropriate products. Brush their coat with a firm bristle brush to stimulate the natural oils located in the skinencouraging a healthy sheen to his coat.

Pitbull terriers live an average of 12 years and with these helpful blue nose pitbull care tipsyou can be sure that you and your pet will get the most out of those years together. Enjoy the company of your happy and active companion for many years to come!